I don't remember when I began to make my life so busy.
Maybe since you left me.

I felt so sad and my heart was broken and became empty.
So I filled my life with courses, experiments, and friends.
Learning new things always makes me feel fresh, and made me not think about you so often.
I knew it still took time to ease the pain but it did work.
Experiencing life alone more and then I realized that there are so many new points of view I can learn about the world. 
Sometimes it's tough and frustrated, but I know that I can get them over.
And my companions will always support me.
My world is not moving around you anymore.

I lost you and then I found myself.

I think most people have the experience of losing something and want it return.
Maybe you will try to get it back through Lost & Found, sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not.
However whether it will come back or not, I think you already found something maybe just haven't noticed yet. 


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